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Harm Can Continue Even After Bullying Stops

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Intervening early to stop bullying is important because the health effects – including anxiety, depression and impaired self-worth – can persist even after bullying stops, a study shows. The study examines “how the effects of bullying can compound over time or snowball” by focusing on students’ past and present bullying experiences, says Laura Bogart, a […]

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Ability to Text Crisis Counselors Helps Teenagers Reach Out

teenagers, texting, crisis hotline, crisis counseling, crisis counselor, emotional issues, marriage family therapist

The conversation began abruptly, with the anonymous teenager getting straight to the point: She had just told her family that she was really a boy trapped in a female body. “Now my family hates me,” she told a crisis counselor. The counselor was empathetic. She asked for more detail about the family, offered encouragement and […]

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