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Helping Teenagers Recognize Toxic Friendships

toxic friendship, friendships, unhealthy, teenagers, therapist, red flags, signals, signs

Ending a friendship is a very personal decision. Everyone has his or her own threshold — his or her own breaking point. Perceptions of what may be considered ‘toxic’ can vary, depending on the individual. And, the connection to another person in a friendship could be strong, which may outweigh the negatives present within the […]

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Stop Trusting Yourself: Becoming Self Aware

trust, promise, self awareness, counseling, therapist

TRUST is a double-edged sword. Though you can accomplish more in life if you put your faith in others, doing so also leaves you vulnerable. If your friend, business partner or political ally betrays you, he benefits — in terms of money, power or some other resource — at your expense. This risk is the […]

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