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How To Conquer Anxiety

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Say no to alcohol and drugs.  Of course the illegal stuff, but also caffeine, diet supplements, and cold medicine.  All of these can stimulate your nervous system and open the door to anxiety.


Breathe…deeply.  Deep breathing, meditation, and restorative yoga are all excellent relaxation techniques. Set aside some time each day to just breathe.  Whether you practice yoga, meditation, or another technique, try to surround yourself with quiet, so much quiet that you can hear yourself breathe.


Think about things. Use your mind’s eye to see yourself conquering your fears. When you get used to thinking of yourself in stressful situations, handling yourself gracefully and remaining in control of your anxiety, you will naturally be better prepared when real life stress hits you.


Ask for help. After checking in with your doctor, you may be referred to mental health practitioner for additional help.  You might see a clinical social worker, psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse, or a psychologist.


Change the thoughts that cause your anxiety.  Therapy is often a successful way to conquer anxiety. With cognitive-behavioral therapy, you’ll learn how to alter your thought process, and change the way you react in stressful situations. Changing your thoughts and reactions will eventually change your emotions as well.


Stay with it. Whether it takes a few months, or over a year, even if you feel disheartened by your progress, stay the course! You may need to seek out numerous therapies before you find the one that works for you.


Control your symptoms. Medication can’t cure anxiety, but it can help alleviate symptoms while you deal with controlling your anxiety.  Many find success coupling therapy with antidepressant or antianxiety drugs.


Recruit a support team. Enlist friends and family members and educate them how to best help you. If your team knows what you’re going through, they will be better prepared to walk alongside you, rather than keep their distance.


Fill your glass.  And keep it at least half full all the time! If you adjust your world view to lean towards the positive, stress and anxiety have less room to creep into your life.  Like most skills, this takes practice, but in time, gets easier and becomes second nature.


Live the good life. Slow down. Have fun. Eat well. Walk, pedal, run, hike, swim. Smile. Take a break and enjoy things without stress and worry.

Know that you’re in good company. More than 18% of adults in the United States are affected by anxiety disorders. Please contact me at 408.608.7230 or through my Contact Form to discuss your situation.

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