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5 Reasons the Number on the Scale Doesn’t Matter – Part 2

eating disorders, counseling, san jose, chris jonesYoung people all over are focused on how much they weigh, how they look, and what they are eating. This is often a result of the media, and the pressure they put on young girls in particular to look a certain way. This is a rebuttal, a few reasons why how much you weigh shouldn’t matter, because you are worth so much more than that.

1. Focusing on your weight makes it impossible for you to be present in your life.

Weight and food is a simple distraction for being in the moment. When every thought is consumed with how you look, what you ate or didn’t eat, how much you’ve gained or lost, and that if you were skinnier your life would be better, there is no time for anything else. In reality, there is no correlation between being skinnier and your life being better. In fact, if you are doing it in an unhealthy way, your life will almost guaranteed go downhill. Being present and taking each moment as it comes makes not focusing on everything having to do with your weight that much easier.

2. You are denying people the wonderful opportunity of getting to know you.

Having all of your focus always concentrated on your weight will slowly make your world smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Friends, family, and relationships will become lost. All of a sudden, all that you care about is the way you look, how much you weigh, and what you are eating. When this happens, you cannot be there for the people that you love and care about the most. These people aren’t getting the chance to know you, the real you. We are also denying ourselves that opportunity as well.

3. You can’t shine from within with an eating disorder.

Every single person has a light within themselves that can shine. When we are comfortable with who we are, when we love ourselves unconditionally, this light can shine. With an eating disorder, this light dims and will eventually flicker out. But no matter how dark you feel it is inside you, the light can be reignited. No matter what you look like, that light is inside you. Make it shine.

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