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6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner After Having Kids – Part 1

san jose, couples counselor, marriage counselor, chris jonesAfter becoming a parent, keeping the relationship between you and your partner flourishing can be a difficult thing to accomplish. There are several simple but crucial changes that you can make to put the focus back on the couple enough to keep their relationship going strong.

1. Create a Date Night

To have a romantic relationship, there has to be enough time to develop the romance. A good way to make sure you have this time is to determine one night a week that you and your partner can have a date night. The best way to do this is to get a babysitter and go out. Sitters can be expensive, so if you cannot afford this, try to find a friend’s older child that can help you out. If this isn’t an option either, set your kids up with a movie and some snacks, and let them know that they can’t bother you until they are done with dinner unless there is an emergency. This is a good way to reconnect with your partner.

2. Review your children’s schedules.

In most cases, having more than one child can create multiple extracurricular activities for each child, making time when you are not either driving your kids or watching them do their activities incredibly scarce. If you limit each kid to 2 activities twice a week, you can free up a lot of time to spend with your partner or get other things accomplished.

3. Balance sharing responsibilities with time for each other.

Many parents often share responsibilities with each other to be able to keep childcare costs down and so that they could spend time pursuing their own interests. Even though this does allow for each parent to have time with their friends, it takes time away from the couple being together which can jeopardize their relationship. If this time isn’t balanced with couple time, things can get chaotic and you can lose quality time together.

In Part 2 of this article we will continue to go over things you can do to keep your relationship with your partner alive even though you have children.

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