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6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner After Having Kids – Part 2

san jose, couples counselor, marriage counselor, chris jonesOften it takes a wake up call to realize that you need to spend more time with your partner concentrating on each other instead of spending all of your time with your kids focusing all of your energy on them. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this article, go read it now! In this article we will keep reviewing things that you can do to reconnect with your spouse.

1. Figure out something you can do together and enjoy.

This can be anything, from hiking to photography to a class at the local community college. Or, set up something where you can both spend time with your friends without your children around. Finding something to talk about besides household chores and what your kids are doing tomorrow is extremely important to be able to reconnect with your partner.

2. Make intimate time before bed.

Half an hour before bedtime, turn off all electronics and stop all work that you may be doing to spend some time with your partner. Be intimate, cuddle, or give each other a massage. Not only will this help you relax before bed after a long day, but it provides an opportunity for time between you and your partner that is special. If you try to make this a habit, it will become something you both look forward to. Spending time together at the end of the lends itself to feeling closer.

3. Plan

Even though being spontaneous can be really fun and exciting, making plans for reestablishing your romantic relationship is important to know that you are both invested in it. In a modern family, spontaneity is hard to come by, so take advantage of it when you can, but planning is not an inferior option to that.

After having kids, many people lose their relationship with their partner and it can not only affect you but your children as well. Making an effort to become close again will make your life much more enjoyable, and will make the stressful things in life much easier to overcome when you know you have someone to rely on and be close with at the end of the day.

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