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How to Sleep Better, Together

Cjones-couple-sleepingOne of the biggest complaints you will hear from people during the day is how tired they are. While lack of sleep can have many causes, sharing a bed with a partner is linked to a decreased ability to sleep well. But for many, sharing a bed is a sacred part of the partnership. Mikel Theobald recently shared some great tips on how to sleep better when sharing a bed, but aside from getting a new mattress or taking to separate bedrooms, here are some suggestions that might cost you less money and keep you and your loved one together.

Double Up on Linens

While it is gorgeous to see a king-sized bed decked out in a fabulous comforter, that single blanket can become a battle ground in the middle of the night as one partner rolls over, taking all the blankets with them. Instead of making your bed with one large comforter, try two twin-size comforters and twin-sized top sheets. With each spouse safely wrapped in their own blanket, they can choose to tug, roll, or fling off those linens as they see fit without disturbing their partner in the process. With separate blankets, you are also able to tailor the warmth level to each partner’s needs.

Double Up on Alarm Clocks

While many alarms clocks today come with a setting for two alarms, make the investment and install an alarm clock on each side of the bed. Each partner can then easily reach and use it without disturbing the other. You may also want to experiment with using the lowest volume setting that will wake you up, instead of blaring the clock loudly for all to hear. Sometimes sleeping better together is about etiquette!

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a savior for people sleeping with snorers or late-night television habits. The key to using ear plugs successfully is making sure that they fit you and that you replace them frequently. Experiment with several brands and/or styles until you find the ones that fit your ears comfortably and block out sound.

Then remember that most ear plugs are designed as single-use products. While you can use each pair for a bit longer than that, they do wear out and become less effective. When you start to hear the snoring again, swap out a new pair. Also, you may find that your ears are two different sizes or of different sensitivities to hearing or the plug shape. You may need to create your own hybrid pair from two different styles for maximum quiet and restful sleep.

Getting sleep has been linked to so many measures of improved health that you owe it to yourself and your loved one to create bedroom that works to support your individual sleeping habits as much as you can.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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